The Member of Parliament for Tamale Central constituency Ibrahim Murtala Mohammed has revealed that some ministers of state are trying to convince members of Parliament to step down on the controversial LGBT bill.

Speaking on the Starr Chat with Nana Aba Anamoah, he said some ministers and celebrities are resorting to different measures to sabotage the bill.

“Nana Aba I can tell you there are some ministers who are trying to convince people in the House to step down on the bill”.

He noted “among the 275 members of Parliament, there is no one sitting on the fence relating to the bill. There is no neutrality. it’s either you are for or against it.”

He added that “even if it comes to voting we must vote publicly to know who is a member of the LGBT or not.”

Reacting to pressure from the European Union on LGBT, he defended that, “I want the European Union to understand that even if we are choking we will not surrender. It is barbaric. It is an upfront to our culture.”

He explained that, though there is poverty, corruption, and other security issues distracting national development, issues of LGBT should not be taken for granted.

A leaked copy of the promotion of proper human sexual rights and Ghanaian family values bill, widely circulated online and confirmed as authentic by diplomats with access to the draft bill, has sparked outrage and growing fear among human rights activists.

The bill would be the first major step in criminalizing the sexual minorities and their supporters since independence from colonial rule.

The prospect of harsh new laws has been hailed by numerous MPs and supported by figures in President Nana Akufo-Addo’s government.

It follows a wave of repression against LGBTQ+ people in the West African country since January this year. In February, a community space offering support for sexual minorities was forced to close amid a backlash from politicians, civil and religious groups and the media, and also led to a rise in arrests and abuse against people perceived to be gay or queer.

Source: Ghana/ 103.5FM/Erica Arthur