The opposition NDC has called for a dispassionate discussion of its recommendations for reforms in the country’s electoral system.

It comes on the back of the NPP’s description of the move by the NDC as a face-saving mechanism whiles tasking the party to channel its recommendations through IPAC.

Speaking to Starr News, a spokesperson on the NDC electoral reforms and former health minister Alex Segbefia said the focus must be on the substance of the submission of the NDC.

He quizzed “I don’t get the argument also about we are trying to face-save, in what way? The NPP in opposition was asking for biometric registration at the last moment through the Danquah Institute  Were they face-saving or were they not looking for reforms that will help our country?

“Was the posture of the NDC the same as we are seeing now from the NPP? No, if something is good, it’s good. If it’s good, it’s good for all of us. No party in our historical basis has lasted forever. From ’92 to now, we’ve had changes from one government to another, from one particular party to another.”

“So, when you speak, be careful of your tomorrow. The important thing is that the content of the document is what matters.”

The opposition party is asking for changes in Ghana’s electoral practices including the mode of appointment of the Electoral Commission Chairperson.

Source: Ghana/