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The Univesity Teachers Association of Ghana (UTAG) has refused to call off its strike despite a directive from the National Labor Commission for it to do so.

UTAG  began an indefinite industrial action Tuesday over poor conditions of service and the failure of the government to resolve long-standing grievances.

The NLC however says the action is irregular especially since the leadership of the association is still negotiating with the government over their demands.

Executive Secretary of the NLC Ofosu Asamoah said “what we have done is in accordance with section 139 of the labor act, we have notified them today.”

As to what happens should the UTAG refuse, he noted “this is a country governed by laws, what’s called the rule of law. If the law says that the commission has the power to do this. When the court gives a directive, will you say that you can’t do it? When they flout they go to court That is what the law says.”

But speaking to Star News, the national president of UTAG Prof Charles Marfo said the strike is still in force.

He said, “if they say we should call off the strike, so one wonders why all along they did not intervene so that government does what they supposed to do.”

“This is very usual about the NLC. We have not sighted the letter, but whatever it is when we get it we will look at it and respond appropriately. We need to see the letter first.”

He added that “he says we should deal with government and as it is we are meeting with government tomorrow (today), do they know that, on what basis did they write that letter? If we have to meet them, we’ll meet them. It is surprising that they seem to be claiming not to know that we were going on strike. Because we have informed them, they knew that we were going to take this action.”

“Maybe some manna will come from heaven and we may rethink our decision,” he ended.

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