In today’s digital world, opportunities are open to almost everyone as the growing metaverse is more autonomous.

Content that is home produced with low or no budget, stands as good a chance in this landscape as the content produced by professionals with high budgets. What this has led to is the mushrooming of content, covering the entire spectrum from the frivolous to the profound. ‘In this digital world everyone has a place that they can claim’, says Leon Ohm, a YouTuber who creates entertainment videos. Leon enjoys a huge subscription base, and he’s thrilled about it.

To anyone observing the movements of evolution, Leon’s rise to prominence is not surprising. However, considering the fact that he has put forth the effort of managing 4 YouTube channels (with over 13 million views per month) while also doing his schoolwork makes this enterprise a cut above the rest. Leon Ohm started his YouTube journey at a very young age and made a lot of sacrifices. With his nose to the grind, he worked tirelessly to maintain these channels, which have become famous today.

A passionate content creator, Leon Ohm has a full day seven days a week. ‘I work like there is no tomorrow,’ he says. He has foregone many weekends, parties, and vacations to build his YouTube channels. Leon’s unique strength lies in his ability to create videos very quickly. He and his team upload 3 videos a day, and they have been consistently doing this for over 2 years. From scripting to production to handling the technical aspects of running a YouTube channel, Leon does all his work with a small team of just 7 people.

As hard work brings success in the form of wealth and recognition, Leon does not lose focus on the other aspects of life and those who are not as fortunate as himself. He is an active donor for the cause of poor children with cancer, and has given over € 8000. Leon’s work has been recognized by leading brands and he has collaborated with names like Puma, About You, Fossil, SEGA, and Olympia.

Leon has been creating videos since he was 10-years-old and learned the ropes of his trade himself. Leon is one example of how technology, today is providing a way for talented individuals to turn their hobby into a lucrative career.