A private legal practitioner Kwasi Fredua Agyemang Danso has revealed that the Children’s act stipulates that apprentices in Ghana must receive monthly wages or allowances from their master craftsmen.

He added that several apprentices are also undergoing training without any form of legal documentation.

According to him, lack of documentation covering apprentices tends to lead to exploitation with the apprentices being used as domestic help.

Mr Agyemang Danso speaking on Law Express on GHONE TV on Monday added that any craftsman who has no documents with his/her apprentice is committing illegality and can be jailed.

“Most craftsmen who take on apprentices do not even know that there is a regulation, there is actually some law that regulates all of these activities…it is actually one of the necessary requirements that you have a written agreement.”

Mrs Theodocia Naana Bernieh Quartey added some craftsmen are even unaware that apprentices need to have a legal document before they start learning their craft.

She cautioned against craftsmen subjecting their apprentices to inhumane treatment anytime they go wrong. She said punishing apprentices could lead to low self-esteem and loss of respect from junior colleagues.

Law Express is hosted by private legal practitioner Nuhela Seidu and airs on GHONE TV and Pan African TV every Monday at 9pm.

Attached is the full video of Monday’s edition