Stress is a phenomenon that is experienced by everyone on a regular basis, be it an adult, a teen, or even a child. Everyday stress and anxiety can not only erode your confidence but also have an adverse impact on your general well-being.

Stressful situations may even cause some people to break down. Others with a calmer mindset and the requisite mental strength can endure and survive such situations with comparative ease. The pertinent question that one must ask here is how to equip oneself to be able to deal with stressful situations in a capable manner.

Here are 3 invaluable tips from Dr. Obaid Chaudhry to help you handle even the most stressful of situations that you may encounter in your life while remaining unperturbed:

 Adopt a Glass Half-Full Approach

This begins with not being preoccupied with what others may have, but being grateful and appreciative of what you possess. Dr. Chaudhry says that keeping a positive attitude and focusing on yourself brings out a side in you that is full of happiness and life.

 Be a Realist, Not a Perfectionist

Stressful situations can often manifest themselves from a problem that may look impossible to solve. Accepting that these situations are out of your control rather than obsessing over them will help you stay calm. Just focus on what you can do, which is, giving it your best shot and hoping that the situation resolves itself. According to Dr. Chaudhry, a resolution will present itself more often than not.

 Turn to Your Loved Ones

In stressful times, relying upon and sharing your problems with the people you love can be a salient way of pushing you back to the top. Just talking about your problems and sharing what you feel with someone can be very helpful. In Dr. Chaudhry’s professional experience, this can also work as a distraction from the stressful thoughts you might be having and helps release all the built-up stress and tension within you.

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