Whenever people think about their dreams and what they would truly like to achieve in life, they often get overwhelmed by their inner demons. The what-ifs run on repeat until the fear wins and people retreat into their comfort zones. As someone who has chased his dreams and built a life of grandeur, Samuel Onuha explains that the solution to chasing away these fears is letting your dreams crash through them.

Many times, people focus on fear rather than their dreams, and when that fear wins, it becomes very difficult to pull yourself out of it. Understandably, this is a part of everyone’s life, according to Samuel Onuha. However, it is essential not to let these fears control your life. Your dreams should be big enough to overshadow any fear that might creep up. To achieve this, you also need to have absolute belief in your capabilities.

The first step that Samuel Onuha recommends to help you overcome your fears is having a solid plan. Uncertainty scares most people, but even the biggest dreams seem achievable with a blueprint or action plan. Therefore, write down your course of action and be flexible because plans can also be reviewed and revised regularly. Once you have a plan, you need a roadmap, a timeline that shows what you need to achieve by what point. This keeps you accountable and focused on your dreams. Samuel Onuha says that putting your energy and focus on your goals will effectively distract you from any looming fears.

Samuel Onuha also explains that breaking down your main goal into short achievable steps is very important. This will make it more approachable. It is easier to achieve something in a couple of months and celebrate a small win than have to work tirelessly for a couple of years to celebrate one big milestone. Your dream is a culmination of small steps that you take every day; break it down into these steps to get closer to your goal.