The Blockchain has traversed from being a digital entity that just hosts digital assets and transactions to a complete integrative ecosystem with gaming as one of its primary aspects.

The growth of gaming on the blockchain has been sky-rocketing in the past two years with the advent of advanced technologies in the industry and the introduction of play-to-earn games like the Moon Nation Game.

The modus operandi of the Moon Nation Game culminates everything on the blockchain seamlessly into a single gaming ecosystem, making revolutionary gaming on the blockchain, a reality.


What is the Moon Nation Project?

The Moon Nation Game is an exclusive 3D online multiplayer RPG game set in space built on the Binance Smart Chain. The complete gameplay of the project focuses more on powerful and realistic gaming and at the same time stimulates the players with an articulate experience on the blockchain.

Benefits of the project

The project entirely packs the best of everything on the blockchain and integrates all of that with gaming. The key highlight of the complete project is the $MNG token that evolves with its utility over time that will be used in the play to earn features available within the project. The purchase growth rate has been 15,000%+ ever since the inception of the token and with dynamic tokenomics, the token is a reliable asset that one can rely on. Players can use the utility token to tap into in-game features, and exclusive events, and access the project’s world-class NFT marketplace.


Apart from all these cool features and aspects, the thriving online community of the project is something that one shouldn’t miss out on. With a strong Twitter following of nearly 139K+ followers, the demand for the token and the project is growing in parallel.





How Moon Nation stands different from other projects



One of the major differentiators that keep the Moon Nation Game a class apart from other similar project verticals is the rigid integration of the platform with entities that promote gaming and trading on the blockchain. For instance, the Moon Nation Game is also listed on Coin Market Cap (Token Listing Platform), Chainlink(Smart Contract Service), and Pancake swap (Blockchain trading service) which will make trading on the blockchain easy and more secure than ever before.


MNP In-game Currency:

Along with a tightly packed integrated system, one of the best things about the complete project is the MNP currency. The currency is fixed priced at 0.01 USD and will never change according to market conditions. Players can use MNP as an in-game currency to access features within the game, send it to fellow players in the community and use it in other games that will be hosted on the project’s native hosting platform, Moon Nation bridge.


Moon Nation Bridge:

The Moon Nation Bridge is an integrative platform that is available within the project with the capability of integrating any gaming platform through its API. This platform allows hosting any game irrespective of whether it is hosted on the blockchain or not. The platform will also serve to be an in-game dashboard for the player along with an MNP/MNG wallet that can be used by the players. There is currently onboarding of games like UNO, Poker Playable, and Moon nation in progress which will soon thrive on this platform that can be accessed by anyone from across the globe. The Moon Nation bridge application is available for android on the Google play store and soon the support will be launched for iOS devices as well.


Lands on the Metaverse:

The Moon Nation project also is coming up with lands on the metaverse that can be acquired by players who play the game. The purchased lands can be used by the players to earn passive income by renting the space out to other players on the network. Land Sales on the metaverse will happen on the Open Sea network and the funds raised through these will be used in the development and marketing of the V2 version of the Moon Nation Game.


The powerhouse behind Moon Nation

The complete project, apart from being a pioneer for integrative gaming on the blockchain, is also led by some of the lucrative minds who work with the blockchain. The complete project is spearheaded by Ben Todar who is the CEO of the Moon Nation project.

Ben started with trading penny stocks in the global market and slowly worked his way up in understanding and building a leading portfolio with cryptocurrencies. After a successful spin with trading, he went on to build the complete architecture of a project with P2E, EduFi, NFT, Metaverse, and realistic gaming, what we know as the Moon Nation Game today.


Apart from building a project with amazing dynamism, he also built a like-minded team with world-class expertise in building projects like the Moon Nation Game. Ajit Phatake (CTO) who leads the technical ventures of the project comes with 12 years of experience in leading a software company and he is followed by Maxime Hacquard (head of art and design), Rabah (Operations Manager), Burak K (Community Manager) and Chris van.


The powerhouse that leads the project comprises these people who come with rich experience and expertise in the roles that they have undertaken at the Moon Nation Game project.


Culture at moon nation

Apart from a rigid team, excellent dynamics within the project, and exclusive features built, one thing that sets the complete project apart is the culture of the Moon nation. The culture at moon nation is to build products on the blockchain that are seamless, powerful, and cost-effective which is being upheld by the team at Moon nation. The project is headquartered in Dubai, UAE along with its office in Pune, India, and with future aspirations to have footprints across the globe.