If success is a feeling, then all of us have felt successful at some point or another. And if we look back, we’ll see, whether it was planting that garden or cracking grandma’s recipe, that feeling of jubilation was the result of our passion and determination. For Felix Hartmann, success at home or work indeed depends on these two factors. For him, they are the very cornerstones of success.

The diversity of ideas and actions that exist in our world and are constantly shaping it are indications enough that we are passionate about different things. Felix Hartmann says, “A person who grows an entire forest is passionate about the environment and the role he plays in being a part of it. It might not arouse your passion beyond a weekend tree-planting drive. But you might be passionate about creating art that justifies your struggle with something. The passion for creating art can bring forth into the world something new and unseen, just as his passion could pull a forest out of barren land. Our passions differ. But what remains the same is the potential of passion to bring things to life. Passion builds up structures and also tears them down. Passion can raise voices and also evoke profound silence. Passion gives s shape to our world. It’s a double-edged sword and must never be treated lightly.”

Determination is a tradition of the spirit, one we’ll do well to stick to. Felix Hartmann says, “Imagine the one thing you believe you can never do – it could be learning a new language, patching up with an old friend, traveling alone – whatever your thing, now nitro-charge it with determination. What do you see? You see yourself overcoming obstacles that once looked like enormous tidal waves. When mankind becomes determined, there’s no mountain it can’t climb. In fact, take a look at history, and apart from the acts of war, you will also find examples of extreme determination. The determination of our ancestors, our leaders, our family members, and our own has created the world we live in. It’s not a question about whether the world is good or bad; rather, it’s seeing it for what it is because of the determinations of everybody who has ever lived. Indeed, to succeed, determination is a must.”

Allow yourself to be led by your passion and determination, and there’s no knowing where you might be led to.