The Northern Region first Vice Chairman of the NDC, Alhaji Rufai Vielim has been arrested and granted bail by the Northern regional police command following an attack on the party’s office at Tamale Tuesday.

The Police also searched Mr. Vielim’s home over allegations of ammunition supply to the youth group who attacked the regional party office.

Comments in a viral video during the destruction of the party office by the youth have generated tension among other youth groups within the NDC.

They also requested the youth to camp at the party office the whole night to prevent further attacks while the Vice Chairman was with the Police for questioning.

Meanwhile, the Police in a statement have announced they are on a manhunt for the persons who attacked and destroyed properties at the NDC Northern regional office in Tamale Tuesday afternoon.

In a statement the Police said “Whilst we assure the public that all the perpetrators will be brought to face justice, we urge everyone to choose peaceful means to resolve their differences rather than resorting to violence”.

Some supporters of the party in Tamale stormed the regional branch office with guns demanding for the removal of the acting regional chairman of the party Adolf Ali, who was nominated by the executives to act in the position.

The group vandalised chairs, office equipment and fire several warning shots while chanting for his removal.

Adolf Ali was appointed following the demise of the regional chairman Tugu Naa Alhaji Ibrahim Mobila last week.

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