The District Chief Executive for Ellembelle, Kwesi Bonzoh has stated that the relocation from the official bungalow by the Nkroful District magistrate was not due to galamsey activities.

The Regional Administrative Officer in the Western Region in a letter dated 14th July 2022 and addressed to the District Chief Executive disclosed that the Nkroful District Magistrate relocated from her bungalow due to the disturbing activities of illegal miners close to her residence.

The letter further indicated that several complaints about the disturbing development that was threatening the Magistrates’ health had fallen on deaf ears.

But, speaking to Starr News, the District Chief Executive explained that the issue of galamsey activities has been dealt with by his office.

“We have had skirmishes with the illegal miners over the last three years but as an assembly we have forcefully fought galamsey.

“The information available to us…recently from the judicial service of Ghana, [is that] some magistrates who occupy state bungalows have been restricted taking their rent allowance from the Consolidated Fund because it is illegal and will forfeit and pay back the allowance that they are claiming because they are living in State bungalows,” Mr. Bonzoh disclosed.

He continued “So this magistrate happens to be one of them and has to relocate, so in her bid to avoid being asked to forfeit the rent allowance she has to find a reason.”

He stated that the magistrate’s complaints that the galamsey activities were a  threat to her life are false.

“The magistrate talks about threats to her but as I speak the magistrate has two police guards, one personal guard that protects her 24/7 and another residence guard that keeps her residence.

“So the question of her residence being under attack is neither here nor there.

“We want to state on record that her relocation from the bungalow has nothing to do with the threat to her life. Her life is not under threat in any way. Currently there is no galamsey activity ongoing in that area. The perpetrators were arrested, tried and stopped,” he disclosed.

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