Ken Ofori Atta - Minister of Finance

A pressure group, Arise Ghana has called for the arrest of the Minister of Finance, Ken Ofori-Atta for mismanaging the economy.

According to the group, the Minister for Finance has committed a crime against the State in a conflict of interest position by enriching his company at the expense of the State.

“The economy is now managing them, they are not managing the economy. President tells us that we are saboteurs who want to destroy the economy or we are seeking a job. That is why we are saying all these things.

“In fact, if he says that is the solution confronting us which is why we are making noise; then we are in a terrible state and we have no option but to call for the arrest of the Finance Minister.  That is why I am praying that he returns to Ghana safely. So that arrest can be effected since President Akufo-Addo cannot sack him,” a leading Member of the Group, Bernard Mornah told Lily Mohammed on Starr Today on Thursday.

He continued: “For the crime of defrauding this nation at a time when the nation is becoming poorer his company is becoming rich. For insider trading getting to know what the government wants to do and leading his company to take advantage of it. Because he is also taking advantage of the situation there is a conflict of interest. These are crimes against the State of Ghana.”

He added that the group will not resort to suing Ofori-Atta in the law court because “the majority of us have lost confidence in the judicial system and it is not me alone that is saying so.”

The former People’s National Convention (PNC) National Chairman further stated that the Minister for Finance and the Economic Management Team have mismanaged the economy and have rather decided to heap taxes on the Ghanaians.

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