Bolt in Ghana has launched Call-A-Bolt, a functionality available from 1 September 2022.

Call-A-Bolt has been initiated to provide those who need ride-hailing services and, may not have access to a smartphone that can download the Bolt app, and may have limited access to internet connectivity. Call-A-Bolt can be contacted on the toll-free number 📞0800 400 400.

Call-A-Bolt service is a new service that will make ordering a Bolt easy, convenient, and seamless no matter the situation you are in.

David Kotei Nikoi, Country Manager for Bolt in Ghana said, “At Bolt, our primary mission is to make urban transportation for all riders easier, quicker and more reliable. We have realized that most of our clients either at some point in time experience challenges concerning the app and internet accessibility, so we decided to develop this service to help in times of these uncertainties and challenges”.

Nikoi reiterated that to increase their rider reach and expansion portfolio, Bolt decided to also factor in another core target audience with no internet connection, ‘yam’ phone users. He emphasized that this new service is simply for them as well.

Here is how the Call-A-Bolt service works:

Call the Bolt toll-free number 📞 0800 400400
You will receive an immediate call back from any Bolt Support agent to take details about your trip request.
You will receive an SMS confirmation on your ride being booked with your driver’s details
Your driver will pick you up within 5 minutes
There are zero charges to this call.
All rides through the Call-A-Bolt category are cash trips. Passengers are to make sure they have sufficient funds for the trip upon confirming with the Bolt Support Agent

Bolt is the leading mobility platform in Ghana, creating economic opportunities for many passengers with affordable, safe, and reliable transport solutions at the tap of a button. With ‘Call-A-Bolt’, you can now order a ride anywhere in Accra at any point in time.

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