Unless you’ve been living under a rock or a hard place, you’ve probably heard of NFTs or Non-Fungible Tokens. You may not understand or have a keen interest in it, but that doesn’t mean it’s not creating an impact on people’s lives. For instance, YouTuber and Twitch Streamer Watch Games TV recently won a Bored Ape NFT worth $160,000 as a gift. Boggled? Let’s get to the juice of the story.

Watch Games TV is a YouTube Channel that is about online gambling, or rather, responsible online gambling, creating thus an almost new way of looking at taking chances. Talking about their platform, they say, “The world of the internet has not only created new opportunities but expanded the scope of opportunities that already existed. Gambling has traditionally been considered an extravagant sport, one it’s best to refrain from. However, in the end, it all comes down to the individual. And if one wants to make the most of this opportunity, it’s important to know where to draw the line. At Watch Games TV, we follow a few rigid guidelines to maintain a steady flow of income and keep things under control. For one, this is not our sole source of income. Second, we never gamble money we don’t have and take only calculated risks. We don’t gamble when we are upset or depressed, and we certainly don’t encourage the use of drugs when gambling. The thrill comes as much from the game as it comes from a sense of self-control and restraint. It’s easy to get carried away, especially when you are young and see insane amounts of money flowing into your bank. Without the discipline of spending, one can become prone to malpractices, which over time get difficult to leave. However, with time and practice, we have learned to conquer most of our primal instincts, and although we celebrated much on winning the Bored Ape NFT, quite the gift really, we knew there are bigger milestones to cover.”

Watch Games TV is very much aware of its good fortunes and is deeply interested in philanthropic activities to give back to the community. They say, “Over time, we have been able to give over $600,000 – 700,000 back to the community, gifted a home to a homeless man, and other similar things.”

The Bored Ape NFT might be the newest feather in Watch Games TV’s cap, but certainly not the last.