The numbers are scary!!

In 2019, It was estimated that about 463million people had type 2 diabetes. It is now projected that about 578million people will be living with diabetes by 2030 and about 700million by 2045. (Results from the International Diabetes Federation Diabetes Atlas, 9th edition)

Diabetes is basically a constant elevated levels of “sugar” in the blood. If this condition is not managed properly, it can affect almost every organ of the body and may eventually lead to death.

With proper management, the risk of developing complications from diabetes is greatly reduced.

One way that doctors use to ensure proper management of diabetes is sugar monitoring. This can easily be done by the patient at home or at the pharmacy or with the help of a glucometer.

Available on the market are a lot of glucometers but for a glucometer to be widely regarded as the best it has to tick all the boxes.

  1. ACCURACY: PLUSMED blood glucose monitor has been approved by Ghana Food and Drugs Authority as one glucometer that yields accurate and reliable results. It is largely used around the world for monitoring of sugar levels.
  2. COST EFFECTIVE: Of all the glucose monitors in the country, PLUSMED blood glucose monitor is highly subsidized for clients and by far the most cost effective. There is no glucometer on the market today that is cheap but as effective as PLUSMED blood glucose monitor. It also contains 60strips that can last a daily monitoring of 2months.
  3. READILY ACCESSIBLE: PLUSMED blood glucose monitor is available in a lot of pharmacies.

It is always in stock at 3M&C medical equipment and supplies, located at 200 cotton street, Lizzy complex, East Legon.

Deliveries are done all over the country.

Daily accurate reminders of your sugar level can be a sure way of keeping your health in check. And for this fast paced Accra “hustle” where our health ironically becomes the least of our priorities, an on-the-go device such as 3M&C’s glucometer can be a useful way to monitor and keep our sugar levels in check.

The writer, Dr. Gideon Assan, is a young medical practitioner with particular interest in health advocacy and digital health.

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