Watches lend a positive spark to the wearer’s personality. We realize how easily we fall for distinct statements some wristwatches are capable of making. For avid watch collectors, they cannot be just any run-of-the-mill fashion accessory. A class of its own, Designa Individual Watches (DiW) makes an impressive statement that surpasses everything ordinary. If you seek to stand out with a distinguished identity, custom-designed watches from the house of DiW are unbeatable.

Designa Individual Watches’s superior craftsmanship on historic Rolex Daytona watches lends interesting tweaks without compromising their authenticity. While you get to sport a high-end Rolex watch, you also have the edgy personalization achieved on a lightweight carbon fiber case. The personalization embedded on request achieves the very individual aura. Thus, what distinguishes a DiW watch from any other luxury watch brand is its ability to give an elegant facelift to the overall bearing of the wearer.

The versatile make-over goes in perfect sync with each customer’s preference. “Our Carbon Daytona collection does not just remain a fashion accessory but upgrades into a distinct statement of personality,” adds Gleb Karlsen, Brand Manager.

While ordinary fashionable watches essentially conform to general trends at large, Designa Individual Watches come to life with the unique insight and taste of each individual consumer. In that way, no two watches from DiW will ever be the same in tone and texture. This keeps Designa Individual Watches ahead of its competitors. DiW focuses on understanding customers’ personalities and lifestyles. As a result, the brand successfully translates personal ethos and etches them separately in every edition.

Operating from Hamburg in Germany, Designa Individual Watches is the only bespoke brand that specializes in working with high-end composite materials and provides exclusive services only on request.

With Designa Individual Watches on your wrist, you never fail to leave an enticing style statement.