The Oyibi Traditional Council has beaten a retreat on its declaration of Friday, September 30, 2022, as a holiday in the area.

A statement issued earlier by the Council said the holiday was to commemorate the celebration of the Oyibi Yele yeli (Yam) festival.

“On behalf of Nii Boye Okanshan VI and entire principal elders of the Oyibi Divisional Council, I extend my seasonal greetings to the entire citizens living on any part of Oyibi land. The general Oyibi community is hereby informed that on Friday, September 30 which marks a significant day in the history of Oyibi land, Oyibi Yele Yeli (Oyibi Yam festival) is a holiday and it should be observed as such throughout the Oyibi community only,” the statement said.

But many questioned the locus of the traditional council to declare a holiday as it is only the Ministry of Interior that is legally clothed with that power.

However, speaking to Starr News, the Secretary of the Oyibi Traditional Council, Enoch Alabi Nyonmowoko urged the public to disregard the declaration of a holiday saying it was an error.

He clarified that the directive was rather to have schools closed to ensure the safety of pupils and students during the performance of annual rituals.

“It is a mistake we did with the content of the letter. You know there are schools in Oyibi that normally open on Friday, especially the very day we’ll be celebrating the festival. Some few months ago we heard incidents of alleged money rituals in Oyibi which has actually painted the area black and we the elders are not happy. Secondly, there are some kidnapping issues in Oyibi, during the festival, we shoot guns, and these gun shootings we believe might create a psychological effect on the children when they are in school on Friday.

He added: “So, due to all these things the Chiefs and Elders said we should talk to the various schools so that on that Friday, they can be at home so that it won’t create any problem for the children in the schools.”

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