Dr. Kwesi Aning

The Director of the Faculty for Academic Affairs and Research at the Kofi Annan International Peacekeeping Training Centre, Prof. Kwesi Aning has cautioned against the victimization of security personnel who arrested Chinese galamsey kingpin, Aisha Huang.

The notorious Chinese woman has been arrested and standing trial for engaging in the sale and purchase of minerals without a license.

Her return to Ghana has sparked outrage after her deportation to China in 2018 over similar charges.

Aisha Huang was said to have returned to her country and changed her identity only to come back to Ghana and commit the same crime.

She is said to have applied for a Togo Visa and went through the borders into Ghana and back to the galamsey business in a town in the Ashanti Region.

Speaking on Morning Starr on Starr FM Tuesday, Prof. Kwesi Aning commended the security officals who picked up the notorious Chinese national who appears to have the backing of some big people in authority, saying the security officials must not be punished for serving Ghana’s interest.

“I want to say kudos to the public officials who arrested this woman and her accomplices. Let me state very clearly that I am hoping that they are neither demoted nor transferred for working in Ghana’s interest.”

Prof. Kwesi Aning noted that Aisha Huang is not the problem but rather Ghanaians in position of authority and trust who collude, connive, anconspire against the people of Ghana in contravention of the trust reposed in them.

“Aisha Huang is a strategist and a businesswoman who seeks the interest of her own country. When as a sovereign state you allow a foreign agent to come into your country to undertake activities that are not only detrimental to your future stability welfare and development but actually posses an existential threat to the State and these people. Then those Ghanaians who make it possible for the Aisha Huangs of this country to destroy our water bodies, ground soil with chemicals that come through the food chain threatening our exports, particularly cocoa, our international relations with Ivory Coast, those Ghanaians must be treated for who they are. Treasonable individuals whose actions are fleecing the state and its future.”

Source: Ghana/starrfm.com.gh/103.5FM