A month ago, Bolt Ghana launched Call-A-Bolt service to bridge the digital divide between its users who own smartphones and those without.

Initially, users needed to have an internet-enabled phone and download the Bolt app before they could use the ride-hailing service.

As a company that promotes placing the needs of its customers first, adding the Call-A-Bolt service, according to the company was a welcome relief to non-smartphone users, as a call to the toll-free number has afforded them the opportunity to book rides in a convenient and easy manner.

David Kotei Nikoi, the Country Manager for Bolt in Ghana, commented on the service’s value: “We received over 200 calls within the first week of launching the service, and this is telling of the demand for ride-hailing services which we are proud to deliver.

Accessibility is a conduit to help bring services to those that seek to get access to mobility, irrespective of means of communication. This initiative is an added solution to existing solutions on the app and Bolt Web, where anyone can access services to move around the city. We trust that this will encourage people and institutions to use Bolt’s ride-hailing services irrespective of the make of their phone.”

The Call-A-Bolt service offers an alternative option for riders to access their favorite affordable and safe ride-hailing app even if they don’t have a smartphone.

Describing how the service can be used, he explained “Call the Bolt toll-free number 0800 400 400, and you will receive an immediate call back from any Bolt Support agent to take details about your trip request. You will then receive an SMS confirmation on your ride being booked with your driver’s details and your driver will pick you up within 5 minutes. He added that there are zero charges to the call.

All rides through the Call-A-Bolt category are cash trips. Passengers must ensure they have sufficient funds for the trip upon confirming with the Bolt Support Agent.

“With this very effective and simple service, Bolt has not only attracted new users, but it has also met a critical need for its existing users who, at one point or another, may not have access to their smartphones or could be experiencing internet connectivity issues. These customers continue to rely on the Call-A-Bolt service to reach their destinations”, added David Kotei.

Bolt is focused on providing access to mobility, regardless of a user’s device and is constantly innovating its services to serve its customers.