Some aggrieved members of NDC Tema East Constituency in the Greater Accra Region are raising concerns over why the party has disqualified two persons and again wants to include them for the impending constituency elections.

The group mentioned two aspirants specifically one Theophilus Ankama Densu-Tetteh and one David Agyemang were all disqualified by the constituency vetting committee for the positions of Chairmanship and Youth Organiser respectively.

They accused the incumbent Member of Parliament for the Area, Hon Isaac Ashai Odamtten and other members of the party who have masterminds of the ploy.

“We just ended our constituency vetting processes for the constituency elections scheduled for this month. Some petitions were written against Theophilus Ankama Densu-Tetteh and David Agyemang. Based on the substance of the petitions, the constituency vetting committee disqualified the two from contesting since it was clear to even a class 1 pupil that they have clearly breached the guidelines for the elections.

“We the committed, loyal and aggrieved members of the Tema East Constituency of the great National Democratic Congress have picked signals that our most esteemed Greater Accra Regional Appeal’s Committee intends to overturn the decision of the constituency vetting committee to clear them to contest in the election after the two allegedly appealed their disqualification,” a Branch Youth Organizer for U-Central, Mr. Wisdom Torsu stated during a press conference.

He added that Mr. Theophilus Ankama Densu – Tetteh who is an aspirant chairman of the Tema East NDC was rightfully disqualified based on the fact that he resigned from the NDC party in 2016 and contested in independent parliamentary elections for Tema East which he lost.

Later he came to rejoin the NDC in Tema East in 2020 as a new member with only one year dues but the membership card he produced at the vetting showed he paid his dues from 2018 to 2020,a trend they believe is fraudulent as the basis for his disqualification.

In the case of David Agyemang, who is a disqualified aspirant for youth organizer in his case has served the party less than one year and the party rules stipulate four year service with good standing.

They are therefore calling on the appeal committee to see both Theophilus Ankama Densu Tetteh, aspirant for Chairmanship race of Tema East and David Agyeman, aspiring Youth Organizer for Tema East as genuinely disqualified candidate.

They therefore threatened to sue the Tema East NDC if they manipulated the system to contest.

Source: Ghana/