Ghanaian-UK-based gospel artist and philanthropist Sonnie Badu has lavished praises on Black Sherif following the release of his new album.

Sonnie Badu took to his official social media account to express how talented Black Sherif is, stating emphatically that Black Sherif is the second coming of Bob Marley in our time.

According to the Rock Hill Church Founder, after listening to Black Sherif’s new album “The Villain I Never Was” it is undoubtedly that he will be one of the artists who will put Ghana on the map by winning Grammys and other prestigious awards for his country Ghana and Africa.

Sonnie Badu also went further and prayed for the “Kwaku The Traveller” hitmaker to gain more pen-writing skills so that he can continue to make great music.

“Think this young man @blacksherif_ is BoB Marley incarnate living in Ghana. His song writing abilities are just incredible.

“This new album solidifies the fact that – he will be one of the Giants of African music. And he will surely win some #Grammys for Ghana .. May God protect you from jealousy, envy, and premature termination as you walk in your giftings…. #DrBadu — Sonnie Badu said

Black Sherif released his first studio album, The Villain I Never Was, on Wednesday, October 5th 2022.

The 14-track album features his monster hits ‘Second Sermon’ remix which features Burna Boy, Kwaku The Traveller, and Soja released a few weeks ago ahead of the album.

The new entries include ‘The Homeless Song’, ‘Oil In My Head’, ’45’, ‘Prey Da Youngsta’, ‘Sad Boys Don’t Fold’, ‘Konongo Zongo’, ‘Wasremwn’, ‘We Up’, ‘Toxic Love’, ‘Don’t Forget Me’, and ‘Oh Paradise’.