The 2002 Year Group of the Old Achimotan Association (OAA) is gearing up for yet another spectacular Teachers’ Appreciation Day in honour of the teachers at the school.

Every year, the year group marking its 20th anniversary of leaving the school is given the baton to host the event to appreciate the kind and hard-working individuals who created an everlasting impact on their lives while in Achimota School. 

The 2022 Teachers’ Day Appreciation (TAD) is scheduled for 2nd December at on the Achimota School campus and will feature many exciting activities including a thanksgiving service at the Aggrey Chapel and a dinner and awards event to climax the day’s celebration. 

Teachers’ Appreciation Day is about interaction with teachers who taught the organising year while they were students. With most of them having retired, it is a good time of going down memory lane with their teachers, the teachers themselves reconnecting, and also the year group supporting their teachers in cash and in kind.

Commenting on the upcoming event, the President of the year group, Oheneba Boachie said, “The 2002 year group is excited to be given the chance to appreciate our teachers. Great teachers deserve to be recognised for their hard work and dedication. Teachers play a key role in the lives of students. Given how we entrust teachers with the care and future of children, every day should be teachers’ appreciation day.

“We remember all that our teachers did for us. They did not just teach us but impacted our lives positively and come 2ndDecember, we look forward to making them feel very special.”

In rallying support from Akoras, Senanu Gbormittahremarked, “Borrowing from the words in our school song, we remember with affection all we gained. We use this opportunity to encourage every member of the OAA 2002 Year Group to get involved and participate actively in Teachers’ Appreciation Dayevent, as we remember those who made it for us to be the school of whom we boast.”