File photo: Some workers of the Ghana Manganese company

Associate Professor with the University Ghana Business School (UGBS), Elikplimi Komla Agbloyor has advised employers to adopt the system of working from home in order to mitigate the current hardship on workers.

Speaking to Starr News the lecturer stated that the best way to lessen the prevailing economic difficulties is for employers to change the mode of working for workers.

“Employers should adopt the hybrid system of working where employees don’t need to be coming regularly to work. That can help to reduce cost. Especially in terms of transportation cost which takes a huge portion of the income of employees.

“Such approach can also help, this is not something new. During COVID a lot of people were working from home. When COVID went down a bit we are seeing employers encouraging employees to be coming back to the office,” the associate professor advised.

According to him, in tackling the situation “I think the hybrid system now can be helpful.”  

He also advised the average Ghanaian to try as much as possible to focus on necessities and not luxury. 

Meanwhile, the Economic Fighters League has embarked on the ‘Kum me Preko’ demonstration in Accra over the current economic difficulties.

The demonstration was meant to pile pressure for the resignation of President Akufo-Addo and his Vice Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia for non-performance.

Addressing the media ahead of the demonstration, Mr. Kpebu stated that Ghana’s Constitution has made room for smooth elections to be conducted when the President and Vice resign from office. 

“We have a duty as stated in Article 41 to ask the President to resign. And this is not the first time the President of Ghana is going to resign. In actual fact in the 60s General Ankrah resigned over a matter of GHC6,000 that he is alleged to have used to bribe somebody to organize an opinion.

“So that he can be declared as the most popular President in Ghana. So ladies and gentlemen where we are as at now in Ghana, the situation is so dire that the best thing is for President Akufo-Addo to take responsibility and resign with his Vice Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia,” Mr. Kpebu indicated.

He continued: “Indeed the Constitution has envisaged the situation. That’s why it has been provided in Article 6 that the President may resign from office, the Vice President may resign as well. So Article 66 says the President may just give his resignation to the Speaker of Parliament.”

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