Finance Minister, Ken Ofori-Atta has advised against “witch hunting and entrapment” creeping into Ghana’s body politics. 

Appearing before the eight member Ad-hoc Committee on Friday, Mr. Ofori-Atta said being nationalistic on matters of national concern is the only way to build the nation.  

“Let us all work as a country to support our labour negotiations and find solutions to the impacts in Parliament and rise above witch hunting and entrapment. These are not nobbling and progressive for a society seeking transformation.

“Hon. Co-chairs Ghana is a resilient country and Ghana has faced economic challenges since independence and come through each of them stronger and better than before. God willing we shall come out of these difficult times too. Ghana will and must rise again.”

The Finance Minister made the point in his opening statement while responding to the allegations raised in the minority censure motion.

Mr. Ofori Atta however apologized to Ghanaians for the hardship that has been visited on them due to the challenges facing the country’s economy.

According to the embattled Minister, he’s fully aware of the difficulties Ghanaians are experiencing as he personally feels their pain.

“…Today, I acknowledge that our economy is facing difficulties and the people of Ghana are enduring hardship. As a person President Akufo-Addo has put in charge of this economy, I feel the pain personally, professionally, and in my soul. I see and feel the terrible impact of the rising prices of goods and services on the lives and livelihoods of ordinary Ghanaians.

“I feel the stress of running a business but it is the strength and perseverance of the Ghanaian people that inspire me and my colleagues in government every day. That is what gives me the hope to press on to find solutions and relief for Ghanaians from the myriad of problems that our country and the rest of the world are facing especially since March 2020. Let me use this opportunity to say to the Ghanaian people what I believe will encourage every Finance Minister around the world may wish to say to their people now. I am truly sorry,” Mr. Ken Ofori-Atta said when he appeared before an Ad hoc Committee investigating a censure motion against him in Parliament on Friday.

Source: Ghana/ FM