Ghana Tech Lab Startup Coach School has held the maiden graduation ceremony in Accra with 12 successful graduates as Startup Coaches.

The move is aimed at boosting Ghana’s ecosystems economy with the 12, who have gone through months of professional training from September 2021 to September 2022 and graduated on Thursday December 1, 2022 from the Ghana Tech Lab in Accra.

These 12 Startup Coaches received certifications ranging from the Bronze, Silver and Gold categories.

Five graduates received bronze certifications. This means they had a cumulative score of not at least 70%. There were 6 silver certifications on the other who finished with a cumulative score of at least 80% while the one female valedictorian graduated with gold certifications indicating she completed with a score of at least 90%.

Speaking at the graduation ceremony, the Director of the Startup Coach School, Naa Adjeikai Adjei said there is absolutely no doubt – more than ever that Ghana needs a better economy which is self-sustainable.

“Ghana is well on its way to being ranked among the ‘Big 4’ of tech ecosystems in Africa according to Linkedin News Africa. The Government has announced a seizure of recruitment into the public sector in 2023. Unemployment rates are set to rise, so we are looking forward to a surge in the number of entrepreneurs and enterprises.

“Then again, I have big questions for our stakeholders who are pushing the entrepreneurship agenda? Where are the many small businesses and startups that have spun out of numerous programs organized by the Government and Private Organizations?” she queried.

Madam Adjeikai Adjei also asked where the Business Support Organizations are able to provide services that match the needs of Entrepreneurs as well as the dependency ratio of Startup Coaches to Startup Founders.

According to her, a Startup Coach is a professional who is capable of providing relevant and well researched business development services and support to innovative startup founders and entrepreneurs driven by best coaching practices.

“We have witnessed the rise of several innovation hubs across Ghana, 27 of which are partners to Ghana Tech Lab. Several startup founders are seeking innovation and business modeling support from these.

“In response to the need for a standardized training for business development professionals for the ever evolving startup ecosystem the Ghana Startup Coach School has been instituted with a 5 modular learning program which culminates with a certification. The Ghana Startup Coach School curriculum and training experience is designed to enable the effective transfer of knowledge and needed skills in the course areas,” the Director reiterated.

In the opening address delivered by the Ecosystem Associate in Charge of Women and Media at Ghana Tech Lab, Emilia Kuleke stated that Ghana Tech Lab provides the avenue for the Ghanaian youth to discover their potentials and develop their business.

“In ecosystem of grooming start-ups, start-ups are looking for avenues to boost growth and ensure that they are sustainable.

“We offer courses in business development in order to ensure that Start-ups across the country are nurtured with the right resources and scale–up through our coach house.The business coaches have graduated after completing various courses. We are really proud of you and we hope that Start-ups across Ghana are going to benefit from the insight and knowledge you have acquired from the training,” madam Kuleke stated.

One of the graduating students, Baaba Simpson expressed gratitude to Ghana Tech Lab for the support and training received during the period.

She added that the training gained will help them in diverse ways in their Startup coaching journey.  

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