American rapper, Meek Mill, has apologised for his controversial music video shot at the Jubilee House.

In a tweet on Monday, the singer explained he only meant to project art with the video shoot and not his intention to disrespect Ghanaians.

He claimed he is not familiar with the Ghanaian culture and lifestyle asking for pardon for touching on the sensitivities of Ghanaians.

“To the people of Ghana no video I drop is ever meant to disrespect the people of Ghana …. The fastest way to make connection is thru music and I wanted to do that with displaying art … I’m in my 30’s from America and didn’t know much about the lifestyle here”, he tweeted.

Nonetheless, he claimed working to push the connection between black people in America and Africa is still on his radar, and won’t give up on that project.

North Tongu Member of Parliament, Samuel Okudzeto Ablakwa says heads must roll at the Jubilee House over the American rapper’s music video shot at the seat of government.

The lawmaker livid over the music video tweeted: “All those responsible for this despicable desecration of the Jubilee House by Meek Mill must be fired immediately.”

There has been public angst after Meek Mill released portions of the video via Instagram reel.

A teaser of the music video released by rapper Meek Mill saw him move around the Jubilee House with his crew from the frontage to the conference hall and other seating areas.

The rapper was later seen standing in front of the lectern mostly used by the President during his addresses.

Meanwhile, Meek Mill on the back of the public backlash has deleted the said music video from his Instagram page.

Source: Ghana/ Fm