As we head into winter, brands are leaving no stone unturned to launch their latest haute couture collections. Maison Novague, a newcomer in the high-fashion niche, has garnered plenty of attention in less than a year with its bold, extravagant, and innovative designs.

The colorful and eye-popping dresses created by this brand were recently photographed on the beautiful Meryem Uzerli at the iconic Friedrichsfelde Palace in Berlin. The award-winning Turkish TV actress showcased her photogenic persona while sporting the high-quality silk and extravagant fashion pieces by Maison Novague.

With plenty of viral signals and reactions, the brand has received acclaim across social media channels and platforms within a short span of time. In keeping with its promise of exceptional quality, the brand’s offerings are custom-made and handcrafted at its own tailoring shops. The founder, Fariba Pourkhajani, prides herself in hand-selecting all of the fabric with great care, resulting in great experiences for consumers located across the globe.

The up-and-coming fashion upstart has its goals set high. Fariba Pourkhajani hopes for her haute couture to be worn by top models and celebrities such as Ana De Armas, Camila Coehlo, and Hailey Bieber. The brand, however, remains committed to its vision of making clothes that all women feel confident in wearing, and as a result, its haute couture is custom-made to fit women of all shapes and sizes.

Beyond its expensive haute couture offerings, the German-headquartered company has a wide range of prêt-à-porter dresses and accessories that have been conversation starters on social media in recent years. Maison Novague continues to garner attention from diverse age groups and geographic locations, especially on social media, owing to its unique offerings and classy, upscale vision.

The future looks very interesting because Maison Novague plans to become a global player in the fashion world. And we’re not just talking about a niche in haute couture or just clothing in general. We’re talking about lifestyle and passion.

The brand has great potential. Therefore, further areas of expansion are being planned. It is about to launch its own cosmetics line with a focus on a perfume series as well as skin and hair care. In addition, Maison Novague is also planning other accessories, high-quality jewelry, and, to top it all off, its own watch collection. These will be real designer watches that represent a real change.

Source: Ghana/ Fm