Senyo Hosi, Convener, IBF

The Individual Bondholders’ Forum has asked government to honour all coupon and principal payments due bondholders with bonds not tendered into the Domestic Debt Exchange Programme (DDEP).

In a letter addressed to the Finance Minister dated February 13, 2023, by the Convener, Senyo Hosi reminded government that payment of coupons and principal for bonds that matured since the 6th of February to date (herein referred to as ‘Due Bonds’) remain outstanding.

“With the DDE deadline of 10th of February over, we trust that Government will be in a clear position to ascertain the total bonds due for payment after the completion of the DDE settlement scheduled for 14th
February 2023.

“We hereby request your advice of the date for coupon and principal payments due under the ‘Due Bonds’. It is our expectation that Government will seize this opportunity to reengineer public and investor confidence and trust, by making the payments not later than Friday, 17th February 2023.”