The Ghana Union of Traders Association (GUTA) has kicked against the ban on importation of used appliances by the government through the Energy Commission – Ghana (EC).

The Energy Commission of Ghana has hinted on the enforcement of the ban on importation of used appliances.

The Commission has earlier cautioned against the dumping of electronic waste into the country from foreign countries.

Reports suggest that Ghana is largely becoming a dumping ground for electronic waste with the Energy Commission taking serious steps to control that space with the importation of standard goods.

The ban affects the importation of used refrigerators/freezers, used air conditions, and incandescent lamps into Ghana.

However, commenting on the move by the Energy Commission on Starr News, President of GUTA, Dr. Joseph Obeng says the ban will affect their business and livelihood.

He said the energy commission must make exceptions to the ban since not all second-hand appliances are dangerous to the environment.

“We cannot say that all used goods are not good and that all new goods are good. What we are saying is that we should use our standards to decipher what is good and what is bad. What is harmful to the environment and what is not. That is the standard and regulation we are used to and that is what we are appealing to the government not to ban the used goods. Because they are of a very good use to the economy. As we all know most consumers have come to appreciate that most of these second-hand goods are even better than the new ones,” Mr. Obeng reiterated.

He also added that the ban will also affect returnees who will prefer coming to Ghana with their used appliances.

“Our brothers and sisters who are staying abroad will want to come with their appliances they’ve used. Maybe within a period of six months or one year and they want to bring it home. So because it is used they cannot be brought in? Is that what you are saying?

“Not at all. We do not have any precedent of any country who does not consume used products. You can give me a reference, there is none. Not even in the advanced countries where you say that people who do not have the option to buy goods that have been used previously even though the quality is good. So, you say that because the product is used it will be banned. It is not proper”, he added.

Source: Ghana/ Mensah