Residents in several parts of the Ashanti Region witnessed the spectacle of several minutes of ice pellets falling with Saturday evening’s heavy rain.

The ice crystals some of which were big enough to qualify for hail fell so persistently that people had to either park their vehicles in safe places or find the nearest shelter, uncertain dangers awaited them.

A lady told Ultimate News’ Ivan Heathcote – Fumador she was elated to have had the opportunity to witness this rare weather depiction.

“I’ve been seeing these particles of ice and the wind now looks a bit whitish as if it were a snowy area. In fact, it was the noise on the roofs that made me come out. There were bigger droplets and now see they are coming again,” an astonished Ira Akpalu described.

A gentleman who was out on his balcony picking the ice pellets admitted he found it both curious and amazing finding the crystal particles falling with such intensity.

“The rain begun to sound a bit unusual and louder and harsh like people were throwing stones on our roofs. When I came out, I saw ice all around and they were moving with the wind. I wasn’t really scared but I felt it was curious and very amazing,” Bryan recounted.

The last time the Region experienced something similar was in April and June 2020. The intensity was however much lower than has been recorded.

Source: Ghana/ Ivan Heathcote–Fumador