The entertainment industry is known for its cutthroat competition, and the pressure to succeed can be overwhelming for creatives.

While competition can be a healthy motivator for growth and progress, negative competition can have a significant impact on creatives in the film industry.

The latter, however, has been the woes of some creatives in the Ghanaian film industry, and believe are, it has had a negative effect on business and creative growth, somehow, hindering them from successfully competing with African counterparts in the industry.

Budding Ghanaian Halliote Sumney has also narrated her experience in a recent interview on #TheZone with Maame Animwaa on industry’s unhealthy competition.

Ms Sumney has fairly described how the unhealthy competition among her colleagues in Ghana has had a toll on the growth of the film industry hence the gradual nose dive seen in the Ghanaian film industry.

She intimates that women in the Ghanaian movie industry are negatively competitive as compared to their Nigerian counterparts.

“But I think we are a bit too competitive in a negative way and we should come together, we can go really far”.

Ms Sumney described the respect accorded to her by Nigerians stemming from the good works her Ghanaian predecessors in the film industry had set among Nigerians

“When you go to Nigeria, and you say you are a Ghanaian Actress they have so much respect for you because of veterans who have set that path for us. So we should keep that ball rolling and do much better at supporting each other. Women in the Ghanaian movie industry must do better in supporting each other.”

The Ghanaian goddess also juxtaposed her experience working with Ghanaian actors with her experience working with Nigerian actors and believes Nigerians are more harmonious and efficient at supporting one another unlike her few of her experiences in Ghana. She asserted that in Ghana’s film industry negativity binds the hearts of many individuals which leads to unhealthy competition which plagues the movie industry.

Ms Sumney wrapped up by sharing that she had a few surprise boxes for her fans and movie fanatics to unwrap in the coming months,

As she has been working with Ghanaian Executive film Producer, Enoch Atakorah to make that happen. She hopes to contribute to the positive growth of the Ghanaian film industry and pen down her legacy in the process.

Source: Ghana/ Farrie