Governance Expert, Professor Baffour Agyemang-Duah has said one of Ghana’s challenges since Independence has been how to manage both political and economic systems.

Speaking on GHOne TV March 6, 2023 Ghana’s Independence Day, the governance expert stated that managing both political and economic systems have been difficult for Ghanaian leaders.

“Because the failure of the political system can also lead to the failure of the economic system and vice versa.  Because if your economy is not doing well it creates much difficulty for the political class.

“So our management of the two systems has been the main challenge. In my view our inability to embark on a true democratic society from the beginning because as you know we started a democratic society but in our fifth and sixth year things changed we then had a one party. The man that we all like to cite today Kwame Nkrumah was made a life President.

He continued: “So there was no room at all for opposition so to speak and that was part of the problem. Since his overthrow in 1966 we experienced serious instability for the next 20-years. Thank God since 1992 we have had a more stable political system.

He said Ghana succeeded in changing governments peacefully through elections “but not stable in terms of managing our economy. To the extent that not all Ghanaians can be proud of our achievement.”

Source: Ghana/