Better roads and other infrastructure leading to other regions of the country will allow tourists to visit tourist sites outside Accra more easily and benefit local communities, diasporan tour operator and CEO of travel company Talking Drums, Yaa Ofori-Ansah has opined.

According to her, tourism in Ghana is largely concentrated in Accra, and transportation and the road system may be a large contributing factor.

Yaa believes that when this is tackled, tourist attractions in Tamale, Cape Coast, Volta Region, and so forth will be more frequently patronized, which will in turn boost tourism revenue across the country.

Yaa also called for more promotions and packages for tourists outside of the popular ‘December in Ghana’ period, so that diasporans and other travelers are encouraged to experience the country throughout the year.

She was speaking on GH Today with host Lantam Papanko.

“People are happy to visit Ghana and people enjoy their experience. I think things we should look to evolve are encouraging visiting outside Accra, encouraging people to not spend all their time in the capital.”

She continued “Generally speaking, having information widely available, especially about where to go and why. If you have certain landmarks in other regions, that will encourage people to visit there.”

“I know that the Tourism Authority recently re-launched their website, and there is a lot of information on there. That is usually people’s first point of contact when they want to visit the country.”

Yaa added that “I also think, anyway that we can help people get to the places, I’m talking about transport, talking about infrastructure. When you have good roads and good transport options, that really opens up regions and the country as a whole when you give them really robust transport.”

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