The Member of Parliament for Ejura-Sekyedumase in Ashanti Region, Mohammed Bawa Braimah is urging the National Executives of the party to set up a parallel campaign structure in the Ashanti Region or lose the 2024 general election.

The MP who was retained in Saturday’s parliamentary primary has accused the Ashanti Regional NDC Chairman, Andrew Nana Kwasi of being divisive and causing avoidable confusion in some constituencies which will take time to be resolved after the primaries, which he believes will affect the party’s preparation into elections 2024.

“I’m using this medium to advise our regional Chairman that as a regional chairman if you have a seat in a hostile political region like Ashanti you don’t meddle in the four seats that you have in the constituencies. I bet to say this that the regional chairman is an apology of a regional Chairman’’ he spoke with anger.

He explained “I’m saying this and I mean it and I stand by it. My brother, I shouldn’t have said this but I’m saying it. We need to put things in proper perspective if we really want to build a strong party. We all know that our party in Ashanti region is numerically disadvantaged. You are lucky to have four seats you meddle in the constituencies to cause confusion what kind of leader are you’’

Bawa Braimah alleged the regional chairman brought Dr Assad Awal who does not qualify  to contest the primaries to come and contest him.

“He brought Dr. Assad into the constituency, under normal circumstance he shouldn’t have contested in this election. This is someone who has not voted in Ejura before. This man has never stayed in Ejura for more than two months contrary to article 94 of the 1992 constitution. Let me say it emphatically that there was no proper vetting done on him. I’m speaking my mind and stand by every statement and will defend any statement I’m making I’m very sad.’’

He further explained “the regional chairman has succeeded in creating division in the NDC’s strongholds in the Ashanti region including Ejura Sekyedumasi constituency. In 2019 parliamentary primary, he brought a candidate against me and he has done it again. I beg to say if we are having such a character to lead the party in Ashanti region then we are doom’’. I know President Mahama is about to speak but I will beg the President Mahama and National Chairman to have a parallel structure to lead the party activities in the region otherwise we will have a problem’’ he stressed.

He noted that the division tactics the regional chairman used in the constituency to unseat him has created huge unity challenge for party in the constituency.

Source: Ghana/ Bediako