Acorns to Oaks School, a private school for children under and above the age of 10 years, on Friday, May 26, organized a Career Day for their students.

The purpose of the Career Day was to expose the students to a variety of careers and jobs and also connect them to partners in their career fields.

During the occasion, experts from the security services, medical fields, the media among others were brought to the school campus to mentor the students through the school liaison on career and related activities.

The school held various activities, amongst them a fire extinguisher simulator training, where officers of the Ghana Fire Services took students through the process of how to handle a fire outbreak and to avoid danger.

The activities were designed to help the students identify their areas of career interest as well as help them obtain deeper understanding of their interest.

It was further to elevate their comfort level in interacting with adult professionals in a secure and safe manner.

The Career Day aided the students to demonstrate their communication skills and also supported their classroom preparation towards their career interests.

Acorns to Oaks seeks to raise the next generation of well-rounded servant leaders through Christ-centered education that engages the students spiritually, physically, socially and mentally.

This is to help them fully display their diverse talents and skills while fostering an enthusiastic love for God, their school and community.

Source: Ghana/