One of the oldest senior high schools in Africa, Adisadel College popularly known as ADISCO’s 99-year group has set up a GoFundMe to raise funds to embark on a Solar Revolution project.

Adisadel College has a revered tradition which enjoins each year group to host the annual Speech Day and embark on a legacy project after twenty-five (25) years of completion. This tradition perhaps can be traced to a power line their inspirational and often sung school ode. “… Others have laboured and we share their glory, ours to do exploits and add to their gain …..”

The Cape Coast-based Anglican boys school will on March 9 2024 give special honors to the 999 year group, Santa 99 to host the 114th Speech Day and to deliver a legacy project.

Santa 99, is a graduating year group that symbolizes the end of an era between the establishment of the college in 1910 to the end of 1999. It’s no surprise why they are popularly referred to as the 90’s “lastborns”.

To commemorate this milestone and as their grand gesture of giving back to their alma mater, the 1999-year group will deliver sustainable and clean energy as their legacy project which is christened as the Adisadel College Green Revolution. A legacy project to power the next generation through green and sustainable clean solar energy.

The project which is estimated to cost GHS2.5m shall see the installation of solar energy systems for the college’s academic facilities, administration block, Dining hall, teachers’ and students’ accommodation, the Centenary Building and the 98-Year group Reading Complex. This shall mark the beginning of a Green Solar Energy Revolution at Adisadel College which also aligns with Goal 7 of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

The overarching, conspicuous goal of this project shall be to provide a sustainable, clean and cheaper alternative source of energy with the aim of providing a reliable energy alternative that would ensure minimal interruptions to learning and key academic work of students and staff.

Most importantly, the project would offer current students a hands-on experience and the opportunity to learn about how they can solve real-world energy issues in an innovative way. It would also ultimately teach students how they have the power to change the world around them in their own small yet powerful way.

To support ongoing efforts, the graduating class of 1999, Santa 99 has launched a Gofundme to crowdfund globally to support the Adisadel College Green Solar Revolution and calls on all to join in raising funds to make a difference for the current and next generation.

Support Adisadel College by using to Gofundme link below to donate.

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