BernHoffman Care Foundation, a newly launched initiative dedicated to combating poverty and promoting social well-being, is set to make a significant impact in the lives of vulnerable individuals in Accra.

According to the founder, the foundation focuses on empowering widows and providing support to underprivileged children. It also aims to uplift communities by offering training in employable skills and facilitating access to education.

Speaking at the launch, Dr Bernardette Hoffman, president of the foundation, said they are dedicated to supporting initiatives that promote economic empowerment, social justice, education and environmental sustainability in line with the SDG goals.

She said, “the foundation is gearing at setting up food banks and morning trolleys to  feed basic school children who go without breakfast before going to school in the deprived communities in order to make children motivated to stay in school to pursue their dream. We are calling on stakeholders to support us to eradicate streetism through feeding”   

Dr Sherry Ayitey, Executive director of MOKAS Women Trust Foundation called on the government to partner with non- governmental organizations in order to drive the needed economic development of the country.

She added that, “this initiative should be encouraged and strengthen to be able to elevate poverty. These NGOs should be empowered to train, educate our folks on the best life choices to help the economic development of our nation”  

BernHoffman Care Foundation has trained over hundred participants in skills building like batik making, fashion and designing, hairdressing, beading among other trades in line with its core mandate.