Techstripped Africa is thrilled to announce the launch of its first-ever Innovation Challenge, aimed at inspiring and empowering technology students across universities in Ghana. The Techstripped Innovation Challenge invites aspiring innovators to develop cutting-edge solutions to address pressing community, national, and global issues.

With the rapid advancement of technology and the immense potential it holds, Techstripped Africa aims to provide a platform for tech students to showcase their skills, creativity, and problem-solving abilities. The challenge is set to ignite innovation and foster a culture of entrepreneurship among the future leaders of Ghana’s tech ecosystem.

The Techstripped Innovation Challenge will be conducted in two phases:

Phase 1 – Idea Pitch:

In this phase, participating teams are required to submit a pitch deck outlining their innovative solution. The pitch decks will be evaluated by a panel of esteemed judges, comprising industry experts, entrepreneurs, and thought leaders. Ten exceptional teams will advance to the next phase based on the creativity, feasibility, and potential impact of their ideas.

Phase 2 – Demo Day:

The ten selected teams will have the opportunity to showcase their solutions at the highly anticipated Demo Day. They will present their prototypes, explain their technical implementations, and demonstrate the market potential of their solutions. The teams will be evaluated based on their presentation skills, technical expertise, and the scalability of their projects. A distinguished panel of judges will select the winning team, which will receive recognition, mentorship, and valuable resources to further develop their project.

“We are excited to launch the Techstripped Innovation Challenge and provide a platform for tech students to unleash their innovative potential,” said Kwame Owusu Ansah, the founder of Techstripped Africa. “We believe that by encouraging students to solve real-world problems through technology, we can create a positive impact on society and pave the way for a thriving tech ecosystem in Ghana.”

Techstripped Africa encourages all technology students in Ghana to participate in this groundbreaking challenge. By taking part, students will have the opportunity to gain valuable experience, showcase their talent, and connect with industry professionals who can provide guidance and mentorship.

To register and learn more about the Techstripped Innovation Challenge, please visit The registration deadline is 10th June, 2023

About Techstripped Africa:

Techstripped Africa is a leading organization dedicated to raising, empowering and supporting the next generation of purpose driven technology leaders in Africa. Through innovative initiatives, educational programs, and networking opportunities, Techstripped Africa strives to bridge the gap between academia and industry and foster a culture of innovation, collaboration, and entrepreneurship.

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