There was a near deadly clash at Sakyikrom a community near Nsawam in the Eastern region over attempt to reinstate a “destooled” Chief Nana Osae Duodu Anka IV at the palace.

Nana Osae Duodu Anka IV claim he was legitimately enstooled in 2013 but whilst abroad for medical treatment in 2020, he was informed by  Abusuapanyin Kofi Owusu, that the Queenmother Nana Agyarkwabea,has enstooled a new Chief by name Odeefuor Sakyi Agyarkwa.

Upon return to the community after the COVID-19 pandemic, Nana Osae Anka IV petitioned the Eastern regional House of chief as well as the Regional Police Command for him to be restored as chief of Sakyikrom to have access to his properties at the palace.

But the Queenmother insisted Nana Osae Duodu Anka IV was just a caretaker chief who signed MOU to step down when substantive chief nominated therefore blocked his access.

Armed police deployed by Nsawam Police Command stormed the community at dawn to provide security for reoccupation of the palace by the alleged destooled Chief, however, angry youth and some residents in the community resisted in fierce confrontation which nearly led to deadly violence.

It took the intervention of Mawerehene of Sakyikrom Nana Takyi Akomea to calm down tempers.

The process was botched as a result of the confrontation.

Addressing the aggrieved youth and section of the Buafi gate of the Ayoko Royal family  at Sakyikrom palace, Mawerehene of Sakyikrom Nana Takyi Akomea urged the youth to remain calm and not to resort to violence amidst escalating tension.

The Mawerehene said clearly, the Ghana Police Service is misinformed on the Sakyikrom chieftaincy matters.

He said according to customs and traditions of the Ayoko Royal family Odeefuor Sakyi Agyarkwa is the legitimate chief of Sakyikrom therefore it is misleading for the Ghana Police Service to aid destooled Nana Osae Anka IV from Amma Tawia gate of the Ayoko Royal family to occupy the stool.

Nana Takyi Akomea explained to the media that, “We had information yesterday that police personnel from Nsawam trooped to the palace to aid the installation of a new chief but this is abomination to our tradition , it has never happened before.”

He explained that, ” there are three gates in the Ayoko Royal family here in Sakyikrom that’s the Buafi gate, Amma Tawiah gate and the Agyakwabea gate .

So the Amma Tawiah gate have ended their tenure on the stool and is now the tenure of the Buafi gate so nothing should prevent them from handing over to the other gate.”

The Mawerehene said, the case is pending at the High Court for due legal process to be followed to resolve the impasse therefore called in IGP Dr.George Akuffo Dampare to call the Nsawam Police Command to order so they don’t engage in any illegality that will disturb the peace of Sakyikrom.

“The case is still pending at the High Court and I believe IGP will call his men to order and ensure that due process is followed .I  also wish to call on the government of Ghana to intervene and bring finality to the chieftaincy dispute in Sakyikrom”.

Meanwhile, the aggrieved youth clad in black and red apparel with red hand bands chanting and singing war songs said they are poised to protect the Ayoko Royal stool hence they will resist any attempt  to install a new or reinstate the destooled chief whether at night or during the day.

Source: Ghana/ Ansah