Security analyst, Adam Bonaa has said the menace of landguardism in the country needs some amount of strategies to deal with it.

This comes on the back of the Police Anti-Robbery and Anti-Landguard operation in Bortianor and surrounding areas shot some persons alleged to be land guards and retrieved four weapons.

Narrating the incident the Police in a statement said on June 8th, 2023, the police conducted an operation targeting criminal elements involved in robbery and landguard activities.

According to the Police, these individuals had been terrorizing residents and landowners in Bortianor and nearby communities.

Commenting on the incident on the Morning Starr with Francis Abban Monday June 12, 2023, Mr. Adam Bonaa stated that the issue of landguard is a canker and has spread across the country.

“Land guard issues in this country are so terrible that we need to pass a law that will deal with land guards in this country. We all know that landguardism is criminal. People shouldn’t carry firearms in the open and do the things they do.

“But to the extent that we need to pass a law to check the menace of landguardism means that it’s a canker that demands some amount of strategies, some amount of planning. And making sure that these areas that have become holding grounds for hoodlums and criminals who are parading themselves with firearms and deadly weapons are apprehended,” Mr. Bonaa stated.

He continued: “So as far as I’m concerned the Bortianor is one that I have asked that the police should do some further investigations. Off-course the Constitution requires that it doesn’t matter who you are if you come under attack you have the right to defend yourself.”  

However, the police said they are actively pursuing the remaining suspects, some of whom are believed to have sustained gunshot injuries during the operation.

“We appeal to the public, especially residents of the Bortianor community, to promptly report any individuals with gunshot wounds who may be seeking medical treatment. Your cooperation will assist the police in taking immediate action.”

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