Some irate residents of Boti and Nkurakan in the Yilo Krobo Municipality of Eastern Region on Tuesday attacked police for arresting a woman allegedly selling marijuana in large quantities.

The plain cloth police officers came under spontaneous attack by residents of Boti where the suspect was arrested forcing them to fire warning shots.

One person was hit by the bullet.

The irate residents of Boti who were pursuing the police officers aboard a taxi called other residents along the Boti to Huhunya and Nkurakan road to mount a barricade claiming the police officers were armed robbers.

The youth of Nkurakan blocked the road at the Nkurakan Police station area, burnt the taxi used by the police officers, and attempted to lynch them but were saved by the local police.

Reinforcement from the Eastern Regional Police headquarters arrived at the scene amid firing of warning shots.

The windscreen of the police vehicle was smashed. The standoff between the police and the irate youth lasted for several hours before the atmosphere deescalated.

The police whisked their men under attack to the Koforidua Divisional Headquarters.

Source: Ghana/ Ansah