Andrew Takyi-Appiah, the Managing Director (MD) of Zeepay, a leading mobile financial services company, has emerged Africa’s Fintech Leader of the Year for the second year in a row at the recently held 2023 edition of the CEO Summit.

The prestigious award was presented to him before a gathering of more than 500 of his peers, was an acknowledgement of his instrumental role in the growth and advancement of Sub-Saharan Africa’s economic landscape.

Mr. Takyi-Appiah emerged victorious amidst stiff competition from prominent figures in the fintech industry, and the award reflects the high satisfaction of users with Zeepay’s platforms and services.

Expressing his gratitude at the event which had as its theme: ‘Economic Sovereignty, Sustainable Corporate Governance, Digital Industrial Transformation: New Paths for Growth and Prosperity. A Private-Public Sector CEO Dialogue & Learning’, Mr. Takyi-Appiah stated, “Winning this award is a testament to all that African youth are Capable of and have what it takes to build global business. It means that we the youth in Ghana must be taken seriously as we have indeed taken our destiny into our hands to contribute to build a better Ghana.”

Prior to co-founding Zeepay in 2016, Mr. Takyi-Appiah held key positions at renowned organizations such as UT Bank Ghana, PwC Ghana, PwC UK, Ecobank Transnational Incorporated, and GTBank.

With an annual turnover of approximately US$900 million as of 2021, Zeepay has established itself as the largest cross-border remittance aggregator in Africa. Mr. Takyi-Appiah emphasized that this accolade is a testament to the strength of Ghana’s fintech regulations and legal systems, which have contributed to the rise of companies like Zeepay.

“Our customers should expect an improved business, an increase in our distribution network and availability. Going forward our customers should expect affordability in terms of reduced cash-out fees and more product innovation. I would like to dedicate the award to all our customers and staff for believing in the dream and driving it to this growth. I feel great and excited about the additional new markets we have added to the mobile money business,” Mr. Takyi-Appiah added.

This comes as Zeepay also emerged as the number-one company in Ghana at the 19th Club 100 awards. The recognition underscores Zeepay’s exceptional performance and its significant contribution to the nation’s economic growth.

The feat was attributed to the ingenuity of CEO Andrew Takyi-Appiah and as Zeepay’s vision is to expand its presence in the fintech and mobile money space beyond Ghana.

With its innovative mobile financial services, Zeepay has been revolutionizing the remittance and mobile money sectors. The company’s impressive growth and strategic approach have propelled it to the forefront of Ghana’s business landscape. By clinching the top position in the Ghana Club 100 rankings, Zeepay has solidified its status as a key player in the country’s corporate sphere.

As Zeepay looks toward the future, it aims to leverage its success to further establish itself as a dominant force in fintech and mobile money across Africa. With CEO Andrew Takyi-Appiah at the helm, the company is poised to unlock new opportunities and drive financial inclusion on the continent.

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