As I find myself currently touring North America with the incredible Stonebwoy for his monumental 5th Dimension album, an extraordinary event recently unfolded that I simply must share. It all began with our mission to promote Stonebwoy’s upcoming concert at SOB’s in Manhattan, New York.

Amid the bustling energy of the city that never sleeps, a unique opportunity emerged: the Hip Hop at 50th Celebration, hosted by Universal Music Group. It was a star-studded event that featured two of my favourite music people that I grew up listening to the legendary Hip Hop act Ja Rule and the captivating songstress Ashanti. As we prepared for the grand stage, the anticipation was intense, filled with so many memories of my teenage days.”

The night arrived, and the spotlight shone brightly on these iconic performers. The beats of Hip Hop’s golden era reverberated through the atmosphere, reminding us of the genre’s enduring impact. But the most magical moment for me was when I seized the chance to stand beside to talk to Ja Rule after the show, capturing a snapshot that would etch this memory into my heart.

Before the photograph, I seized the opportunity to let him know I am a blogger from Ghana, he reminisced about his visit to the country some years ago, and I went on to show him the content I had captured from the event including his performance on my Instagram page. To my delight, he expressed his appreciation for my work, recognizing the power of sharing experiences through social media and talking about how such things were not present in their days and what advantage this new generation of artists has.

In an era when the digital realm was still a distant dream, Ja Rule acknowledged the unique role that platforms like mine play today. Encouraging me to keep creating, he recognized the profound impact of this very event, which I had diligently documented and shared with my audience, bridging geographical gaps and granting them a virtual front-row seat to the celebration.

I was extremely happy to have this encounter, reminding me that the digital age has indeed redefined how we experience the world. As Stonebwoy’s tour continues, I remain grateful for the opportunity to be on this tour and for the connections forged, the legends encountered, and the stories shared. The 50th Celebration of Hip Hop demonstrated the profound potential of technology to transcend space and time, turning bloggers like me into global storytellers.