Leading Ghanaian health insurance company, Equity Health Insurance packed two awards at the 2023 Ghana Insurance Awards held over the weekends.

Equity Health Insurance was adjudged the Emerging Brand of the Year and winner of the “Product Innovation Award’ in the private health category.

The company, spearheaded by Mr Elton Fredrick Afari, has been a game changer, providing people who subscribe to their services with quality and affordable healthcare support.

According to Ghana Insurance Awards, Equity Health Insurance’s achievement of winning two categories is a remarkable accomplishment. It signifies the company’s dedication and excellence in the health insurance field in Ghana. “Awards like these often highlight organizations that have demonstrated outstanding performance, innovation, and a commitment to providing quality healthcare coverage to the population.”

Ghana Insurance Awards seeks to celebrate the achievements of individuals and companies who have distinguished themselves in the industry in the year under review. Since its inception in 2018 pursued to promote the growth of the insurance industry through progressive competition, innovation and adherence to the highest professional standards.

Built on credentials that can stand the test of time, Equity’s entry into the healthcare provider space in Ghana is buoyed by a strategic partnership with clients to deliver a value-added scheme.

Speaking about Equity’s unique credentials, the CEO Mr Afari, revealed, “We are building to a point where what we deliver is equitably spread across the ecosystem so all stakeholders can benefit. Equity is here for the ordinary Ghanaian. As an indigenous company, our ultimate resolve is to provide world-class and top-of-the-edge customer service to our clientele while ensuring that quality healthcare is accessible and affordable to and for all Ghanaians.”

With six key pillars of Respect, Integrity, Speed, Empathy, Innovation and Teamwork, Equity offers product options that are tailor-made for all categories of businesses (big and small corporations) and all levels of employees including individual and family packages.

Equity works with accredited Health Service Providers (HSPs) which span the entire country, who understand the language of comprehensive healthcare solutions.

Equity Health Insurance offers a wide range of products to suit client’s needs and budgets. All four products have been designed to offer comprehensive medical care to members, which includes but is not limited to hospital consultations, surgeries, dental care, maternity, prescribed drugs and optical care. Clients enjoy competitive packages that cover 99% of medical conditions including in-patient and out-patient services.

Started in 2017 as Equity TPA Limited, Equity Health Insurance is a limited liability company that operates for its members’ benefit as a Private Health Administrator. 

The company is indigenously owned. It received regulatory approval in 2020. The ultimate goal of the organisation is to provide world-class and top-of-the-edge customer service to its clientele while ensuring that quality healthcare is accessible and affordable for all Ghanaians.