The Aspiring Parliamentary Candidate Abuakwa North, Palgrave Boakye Danquah has stated that his aim to represent the good people of Abuakwa North is to serve and develop the area. 

According to him, the people of Abuakwa North want a new person to lead them in the 2024 election who will bring them development.

“Old Tafo, New Tafo, Osiem, Kukretumi, Etukrom, Nogbe, Eti, Nwiniteen, and the real goal is to look at young people and how we can be able to help young people. I’ve lived in the constituency, engaging with the young people, and there’s huge unemployment even on the National scale. But if we’re able to centralize some economic activities in the constituency, I think that it’ll spare the lives of the young people who are involved in high levels of addiction.

“So my goal is to represent my people, my goal is to serve my people, my goal is to develop the people, human capital both physically and spiritually as well. My goal is to ensure that a lot more infrastructural work and revenue is raised within the constituency. Since I’ve been there I’ve been doing some boreholes for the constituents,” Mr. Boakye Danquah said on Morning Starr with Francis Abban.

He continued: “My goal is to build a clinic, to build a school to do a lot more activities within the constituency and some of the things I’m doing is not even coming from resource that I have personally because you know when you serve as a missionary you have served a lot of people, my friends in U.S my friends in UK, people in the Middle East, all around the World.”

The government spokesperson on security said just last week a mission team came from the U.S and are stationed in the constituency to bring human transformation into the life of the people.

“Nine is a very good number because Starr is celebrating 9-years and so 2025 is going to be the 9th Parliament. I’m in no doubt in my mind that the 524 delegates will make a constructive decision that would impact their whole future.” 

According to him, it is important that the people of the area pick someone who is with them and understands the contemporary young people and “can be able to last longer in governance to bring the necessary change and the impact they deserve.”

“That’s my home, principally and the people know me and some have been impacted by my grandparents, impacted by my uncles, impacted by my own family. Some even recount stories of how I resemble even my immediate uncle J.B Danquah Adu, how I speak like him, how I’m humorous, how I laugh and then it brings very sad memories into their mind. And I’ve promised them I’m going to continue the good work of J.B Danquah Adu.

“I’ve promised them as well that I’m a servant leader and people who know me will give credit to that. I’m not a selfish person. I’ve never sought to be materialistic at all. Whatever, I have a very eternal perspective in my mind. I believe very certainly that you cannot need a lot of things. I think that your greatest legacy is a good name. I mean a good name, the Bible tells us that a good name is better than riches,” the Parliamentary candidate hopeful stated. 

Mr. Boakye Danquah stated that one can amass all of the world but people will forget about you, “but I do not want to amass all the world for people to forget about me.”