Former Finance Minister, Dr. Kwabena Duffuor has stated that a National Democratic Congress (NDC) government in 2025 will not have issues managing the Ghanaian economy.

According to him, Ghanaians hardly complain of jobs during the tenure of an NDC government.

“You see, when you talk about growth, job creation is important. The unemployment situation was low during 2012, 2013 the figures are there. During our time Ghanaians didn’t have problems with jobs. You can ask as compare to now.

“ 2024 election will be about the economy and trying to create jobs for the youth. The interest of the youth and the working class so we will put in place a programme to create jobs for the youth,” the former Minister for Finance stated on CitiTV.  

According to him, despite the fact that an NDC in 2025 will meet an International Monetary Fund (IMF) programme still in place, it will not affect their management of the economy.  

The former Governor of Bank of Ghana (BoG) also indicated that the current IMF program is not that tight to manage.  

“I have been there before and we managed it. The meeting we had with the IMF Managing Director in March 2012 about the Fund. She was so impressed about Ghanaian economy, to the extent that she was even talking about gains we made in the oil sector.

“So the IMF Programme will not stop us in getting to those areas we know how to manage the situation better,” Dr. Duffuor stated.   

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