Since the beginning of August 2023, has anyone heard any serious message being sold by the 10 presidential candidates of the NPP? It looks like there is nothing going on except scandals upon scandals.

In 2007 around this time when Kuffour was about to go, he met the leaders, delegates and communicators of the party and told them, his hard work has earned the party 50%. They only need to add plus 1 and they will retain the presidency. He told them he is also interested in who succeeds him and that he needs someone who doesn’t have tensions around himself. He told them he doesn’t like a dictator, who will lose the power when given to him.

When Nana Akufo-Addo met the same group of people last month, he told them he is not in support of any candidate and that the candidates should stop attacking his administration. In other words, they should stop attacking Dr. Bawumiah. He told them to rather defend the government.

As a right-thinking Ghanaian, if you compare the messages delivered to the delegates by Kuffour and Nana Addo, who do you think deserved to have a continuation of his administration? Even that, Kuffour, who had secured 50% and needed just plus 1 didn’t get it, how much less Nana Addo, who has blown GHC 80 billion from the Bank of Ghana and reckless leader?

My choice of the most popular candidates on Saturday will include Konadu Apraku, Alan Kyeremanteng, Boakye Agyarko, Dr. Bawumiah and Kennedy Agyapong. They are not in that special order, but which of them is a presidential material? The party, if it had balls, should have disqualified some of the candidates before the special delegates did, but that is NPP for you. Talk only, No action.

Between now and early November, the five most popular candidates will battle it head on and give the NDC ammunitions going into the general elections. Example:
They will tell us why the choir master, who will lead the country to sing “we are the world” cannot break the 8. Also, they will begin to question why Dr. Bawumiah has assumed the role of the President and commissioning projects that are half completed. The party will begin to intimidate the Alan supporters with suspension and lack of support to retain their MP seat. An indication that Dr. Bawumiah’s administration will also be full of tension and divisions.

At the end of the day, Ghanaians have already decided and whoever they will elect as their Presidential candidate in November, will only have that title. Nothing more.
Mahama reba.

Dr. Lawrence Appiah is the Founder of the Diaspora Progressive Movement in USA

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