The 1998 batch of Ghana National College has completed and handed over a refurbished classroom block to the school.

The alumni group has completely renovated the Clothing and Textiles Department, and provided students with brand new state-of-the-art industrial sewing machines, lockers, writing boards and projectors to enhance the quality of education they receive.

According to Solomon Yelipoie the President of the 1998 group, “this project does not only enhance the educational experience but also symbolises the enduring spirit of giving back to our alma mater”.

He holds the opinion that the refurbishment of the Clothing and Textiles department, along with the numerous equipment they have acquired, will suffice in providing hands-on employable skills for the students. 

“Unemployment rate continues to be a challenge as most people are looking forward to be employed by someone. However, with the hands-on skills, this grants you the opportunity to start your own business and have the potential to employ others hence, reducing unemployment in the long run”, Mr. Yelipoie emphasized.

The project which was recently handed over during the 75th anniversary celebration of the School, included a complete renovation, re-electricification to boost the performance of the brand-new industrial sewing machines, security installations, tiling and ceiling works as well as beautiful landscaping to complement the whole department.  

The headmaster of the School, Mr. Joseph Ato Sarpong in an interview, eulogized the alumni group for providing a life-changing solution to one of the biggest challenges students faced in the school.

After the refurbishment

He decried the inadequacy of equipment needed for teaching and learning especially for students offering Clothing and Textiles and expressed his profound adulation to the 1998 alumni group for their support.

“There was inadequate equipment for the students offering Clothing and Textiles as the Government alone cannot shoulder the burden, thus, the need for other stakeholders such as the alumni groups, to come in to support”, Mr. Sarpong said.

Mr. Sarpong was unequivocally impressed by the project’s physical and projected outcomes specifically on attendance as he affirmed that continuing students sometimes missed class on the excuse of lack of equipment for learning and was also convinced that incoming students would be encouraged to offer Clothing and as a course.

He again said that the project was likely to offer relief to parents who were not in the position to acquire the needed equipment for their wards. “Students’ output is likely to be enhanced in that, many parents do not have what it takes to buy those equipment the ‘98 group has provided”.  He added “Sorry to say, most of the Home Economics students are from the surrounding communities around Ghana National College and often times, absent themselves from school. Again, after senior high school education, they will have hands-on skills to employ themselves should they not be able to continue their education.

The headmaster, grateful for the support of the 1998 group, further made a call to all alumni groups to offer the similar assistance for the betterment of the school and its students.

Source: Ghana/ Baagyei-Danso