EC chairperson Jean Mensa

The National Commission of Civic Education (NCCE) has called on the Electoral Commission of Ghana to put in place modalities that will not disenfranchise young through the upcoming Limited Voter Registration Exercise.

This comes on the back of key stakeholders including the former President John Mahama urging the Electoral Commission of Ghana (EC) to conduct the upcoming limited voter registration exercise in all electoral areas.

According to the former President, conducting the exercise in all electoral areas will allow for easy access and a reduced burden on the citizenry in their quest to register.

Speaking on GHOne TV the Chairperson for National Commission for Civic Education, Kathleen Addy has advised the Electoral Commission to employ modalities for the limited voter registration in order not disenfranchise qualified voters. 

“Setting up IPAC was to try and resolve some of these things and come to an arrangement that is suitable for everybody. For that to happen the concerns that are raised by all the stakeholders must be taken on board and I hope that eventually we will come to that point. Because the way I see it, it is not a concluded matter yet.

“There are still discussions and talks about it. Off-course we are concerned if Ghanaians do not go and register. In every election cycle the public education we do we have a special education that we do for new voters. For people who have just turned 18 and for people who will exercise their mandate for the first time.

“We really hope that the final decision that will be taken will really make it easy for the majority of people who have not registered to vote to go out and vote, particularly young people. Because if you look at the demographics young people are beginning to constitute the bulk of the population. And we cannot afford to have them disenfranchised; the future is theirs.    

She added that the Electoral Commission must try and address all legitimate concerns to allow young voters and first time voters the opportunity to register during the limited registration exercise.

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