In an era where the voices of women are progressively gaining recognition and empowerment, Maame Animwaa born Donna Maame Ama Animwaa Bekoe, stands out as a radiant star, casting her light not just in the world of radio and TV but also in the hearts of countless listeners.

With her magnetic presence and unwavering dedication, she has recently been named Ghana’s Outstanding Woman Radio Personality at this year’s GOWA Awards, leaving an indelible mark on the broadcasting industry.

Maame Animwaa has garnered a loyal following for her captivating presence on social media and previous radio appearances. Her ability to connect with listeners on a personal level, coupled with her natural gift for storytelling, sets her apart as a promising talent.

She is the host of two new shows on Starr FM ‘Lunch Vibes’ aired on weekdays from 1:00- 2: 00pm and ‘Starr Showbiz Digest’ will be premiered in October every Saturday 2:00pm. On GHOneTV she is the co-host of TOAST. With her unique perspective, fresh ideas, and engaging interviewing style, she is expected to bring a breath of fresh air to the radio waves.

She is gradually winning the hearts of her listeners on radio after breaking away from her childhood dream of becoming a sports personality,

Known in the Ghanaian media space as Maame Animwaa, she is the first of three siblings and has a Bachelor Degree in Oil and Gas Management after she opted out of a nursing school in the United Kingdom.

Maame started her basic school in Ghana at the Morning Star International School till age nine (9) when she relocated to the UK to join her mother. Growing up, young Animwaa, wanted to pursue a career in sports so she enrolled in a sports school at her A level. She then went on to a sports College where she played football for the County.

As the first daughter of an African mother, her mother didn’t want to lose the woman in her so she asked her to pursue other professions rather than football. She said “my parents didn’t want to lose the women in me because I will end up being the Tom-boy they didn’t want me to be, they were not up for me playing football as a girl”, obediently, she went to a nursing school “I did nursing for my mother but later switched to Oil and Gas Management”. She also did a bit of Arts.

Maame Animwaa after having her formative years in the UK decided to come back home (Ghana) to pursue a career in acting but according to her, she was encouraged to do media due to her good clear voice with excellent tone and modulation and her great communication skills and creativity to interact with listeners. She started as a host of a programme on TV3, Gist box, an entertainment segment. She later joined EIB Network’s GHOne as host of an entertainment segment, ‘The Zone’ and currently co- host of Toast  and now host of ‘ Lunch Vibes’ and Starr Showbiz Digest’  on Starr FM.

Being in the Ghanaian media space for over two years, though she did an internship in the UK, Maame calls the experience “a learning experience and a fulfilling one with more than a thousand people listening to her on the radio.” She said her mentality as a media personality changed from when she started, and she thought that media was all about the glam and the command of the language but it is way more than that which requires lots of hard work, creative thinking, ability to improvise and think “on the spot”, Ability to develop your style and lastly a good sense of humor.

She said, she was able to overcome shyness and timidity with the help of Nana Aba Anamoah who has been her support system and a mentor in the media space, though she aspires to be as strong as her mother who single-handedly nurtured her with good morals and confidences to face her fears. 

Aside from her growing feet in the media, Maame Animwaa is an entrepreneur and owns a cocktail business, she also runs her mother’s businesses as well as gearing to impact young Ghanaians to be bold and not allow fear to hold them back, with a foundation she will soon launch.